What we do


Spanning the spectrum of research projects, public service contracts, and private-sector engagements, a selection of our current and past activities is presented below.

Understanding the Market to Forecast Future Growth

Understanding the Market to Forecast Future Growth

Developing an EO Platform for the European Raw Materials Industry

Enhancing Stakeholder Engagement for Improved Uptake

Taking the Copernicus Land Monitoring Service to the next level

Transforming the Defence Landscape through Imagery Intelligence

Designing and developing CMEMS Training Workshops

Promoting EO for Development

Advising European institutions on how to best support upstream space businesses

Translating Earth Observation powered innovations in agriculture into impactful policy- briefs

Communication services for the European Space Programme Agency

Mainstreaming equality in the space sector

Mapping vegetation land cover characteristics using high-detailed resolution EO data

Generating Advanced Usage of EO Data for Smart Statistics

Enhancing food traceability from space using EO and blockchain technologies

Communicating the Copernicus CAMS and C3S Services for ECMWF

Showcasing the use of in situ data for climate adaptation

Shaping Europe’s Research and Innovation strategy for Earth Observation

Insight, analysis and recommendations to support user uptake of Copernicus and the EU Space Programme

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