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Developing Copernicus Foundation Models for a Thinking Earth
Jan 2024 – Dec 2027

Horizon Europe project ThinkingEarth will utilise the power of Artificial Intelligence techniques such as causality, eXplainable AI, and physics-aware Machine Learning, to develop task-agnostic Copernicus Foundation Models and create a Graph model of the Earth. Using small-scale spotlight applications and large-scale use cases, we will demonstrate the potential of these assets. The use cases will address socio-environmental challenges and determine new business growth opportunities, such as accelerating Europe’s clean energy transition and independence from volatile fossil fuels, understanding Earth’s processes by modelling causal Earth system teleconnections, and assessing and modelling the impact of current and future Climate emergency in biodiversity and food security.

Evenflow’s role

Evenflow is managing the Work Package 6 “Outreach and Sustainability” part of the project, which includes all communication and dissemination activities to ensure continuous promotion of the project. This work package also covers impact monitoring, exploitation analysis, and IP management.

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