Strategic advice & consultancy

Providing strategic guidance for policymaking

Drafting and implementing policies in the stakeholders’ best interest requires a solid grasp of the bigger picture as well as a good understanding of the components at play and their fine interactions or interrelations. Evenflow has proven expertise helping decision and policy makers in this process, having facilitated stakeholder consultations, conducted in-depth studies, and produced strategic roadmaps. In order to achieve our goals, we utilise a wide range of tools which enable us to carry out robust analyses, present our findings in an effective and actionable way, and, ultimately, provide strategic guidance to our clients (European institutions, international organisations, and/or national authorities).

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Analysing markets & designing entry strategies

 Empowered by rigorous market intelligence work and exposure to strategic perspectives, Evenflow is in a position to help European institutions and national actors feel the pulse of markets, navigate around potential obstacles and seize emerging opportunities. Our efforts include carrying out in-depth market studies across a wide range of sectors, analysing the competitive positioning of different solutions and identifying appropriate market entry points. As a result, we are able to help our clients maximise the impact of policy initiatives or major investments (such as Copernicus and Galileo) for the ultimate benefit of economy and society.

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Understanding social, economic & environmental benefits

The value of large-scale public investments is not always apparent to the average citizen - particularly when related to technologies which cannot be seen with the naked eye – like most satellites* - and whose impacts are mostly indirect. To make sure that tax-paying citizens are provided with appropriate and sufficient information regarding the value of such investments, social, economic and environmental benefits studies are carried out.

In the field of Earth Observation, it is particularly important to demonstrate the value of the information acquired from space, which can, amongst other things, improve decision-making, guide policies and investments and support better management of natural resources.

Evenflow’s consultants have, in previous roles, contributed to several key studies evaluating the socio-economic benefits of the Copernicus programme, and are currently supporting EARSC and ESA in carrying out bottom-up analyses of the benefits of Sentinel data. Evenflow is also contributing in an international expert group working to improve methodologies and practices in this field.

* Some satellites can be seen with the naked eye: you just have to know when, and where to look.

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