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Market Intelligence

Achieving success in any business requires thorough and up-to-date knowledge of market and technological trends, a good understanding of the competitive landscape, and a solid grasp of the legislative/regulatory framework. Understanding these issues and their implications allows for better-informed decisions in the development of new products, services, and business models.

Using advanced analytical tools, we are actively collecting market intelligence across a wide range of sectors and transforming it into meaningful insights for businesses and institutions alike. By collecting and connecting different kinds of “dots”, we are able to construct, rather comprehensively, the bigger picture and, zooming in, to grasp the intricate patterns of several niche areas.

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Business planning & exploitation of R&D

Having supported multiple organisations, from pre-startups to scale-ups to well-established businesses, we stand ready to help you build a solid foundation from which to confidently grow your endeavour. We can assist you in understanding your users’ needs and design your services appropriately (through well-tested co-design approaches), develop suitable market entry strategies (building on rigorous market analyses), and devise sustainable financial plans. To that end, we deploy a range of open-source and proprietary economic modelling and business planning tools.

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Intellectual Property and Innovation support

On their journey from innovative idea to market-ready product, researchers and entrepreneurs require solid IP and innovation support. From the outset, Evenflow helps innovators identify their IP assets, develop exploitation and commercialisation strategies and implement them. To achieve this, we draw on the combined forces of trained IP experts, consultants with solid legal and innovation support backgrounds, and subject-matter experts.

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Investment Readiness

Taking advantage of financing opportunities requires regular monitoring of dedicated platforms, specific knowledge around application procedures, and the use of administrative and writing best practices. Evenflow regularly monitors the investment landscape, both private and public, to identify suitable schemes for our clients and partners as appropriate. We provide coaching for successful funding applications and mentor our clients during the development or set-up phase of their business, product, or service, ensuring compliance with investors’ requirements.

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