Communication, Outreach & User Uptake

Strategic communication and user uptake

Evenflow supports the development and implementation of high-level communication strategies for public institutions and programmes as well as for private clients. We build comprehensive communication plans where audiences, messages, and channels are linked to specific communication objectives, and we relish the challenge of understanding each case and its unique characteristics.

Case studies
Innovative branding and creative concepts

A strong visual identity sets the scene for a successful promotional campaign, to this end, our team of creatives, graphic designers and communication experts strives to produce brands that stand out, tell stories, and invite interaction. Our approach to branding, however, goes beyond colours, shapes, and text; we find creative ways to make your messages leap off the page and into people’s lives.

Case studies
Outreach and stakeholder engagement

The applications of technologies such as Earth Observation often span multiple sectors and industries. Communicating with user communities in these vertical markets requires an awareness of their different priorities and the ability to recognise areas of mutual benefit. Evenflow has had the opportunity to refine these skills through outreach and engagement campaigns that addressed a diversity of user groups such as farmers, water management authorities, transport officials and entrepreneurs. We have developed skills, tools and methodologies which improve the quality of these interactions and maximise the returns for both parties.

Case studies
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