Understanding and documenting user requirements
4 August 2020
User requirement documentation process © Evenflow

Ensuring supply and demand are on the same page, and the latter is making best use of what the former has to offer can be a challenge. Our team stands ready to support all stakeholders, be these public institutions seeking to gather user requirements through a “traditional” user consultation approach, or solution providers trying to engage their users in a more modern co-design exercise. Evenflow has supported the GSA in developing the Reports on User Needs and Requirements for GNSS in Agriculture and Surveying, following a rigorous consultation process and an in-depth analysis of the respective sectors. Similarly, we have engaged prominent international organisations such as Frontex, EU SatCen, UN OCHA, EASO and IOM to gather their requirements for big data-based solutions for migration. At a more “local” level, we have worked alongside individual organisations, such as water management authorities, tourism operators, and agricultural cooperatives to better understand their needs before guiding them in the development of appropriate solutions. Generally, such activities require a comprehensive co-design approach.

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