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Using satellites to make Europe’s small farms more profitable
May 2016 - Mar 2019

Small farmers in Europe – there are nearly 10 million of them - are facing a growing number of challenges, including climate change and higher fuel prices. The APOLLO project recognised the opportunity to use satellite data to address many of these challenges, and set out to develop a farm management solution that helps farmers increase their efficiency – not only saving money but also protecting the environment. FARMINTEL, the commercial solution resulting from the project, was launched together with farmers in Greece, Serbia, and Spain to make sure it is tailored to their needs and habits.

Evenflow’s role

Our role was to lead APOLLO’s communication activities, and to support the commercial sustainability of the FARMINTEL platform. Specifically, our tasks included:

  • Developing the communication strategy, and producing all communication materials (see project website, newsletter, brochure, leaflet, etc.)
  • Developing the business plan and marketing strategy for post-project commercialisation of results. We designed a strong brand for the commercial platform and launched tailored marketing activities to reach the various target groups
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