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Using Big Data to boost Preparedness and Response to Migration
May 2017 - Nov 2017

The number of displaced people in the world has never been higher. As a result, civil protection agencies and humanitarian organisations dealing with different aspects of preparedness, response, and relief operations, have been under increasing operational pressure. In that context, the Big Data for Migration project – funded by the European Space Agency – has explored how satellite, mobile, social media, and other kinds of data could be used to support the operational needs of actors such as Frontex, SatCen, EASO, IOM, and SOS Children Villages. The project concluded with the definition of a range of services that will further be tested in subsequent activities.

Evenflow’s role

Our role was to lead the sustainability-related aspects by:

  • Supporting the identification and engagement of users
  • Conducting a sustainability analysis of the proposed services
  • Assisting in designing tailored value propositionsfor each user
  • Drafting a roadmap detailing the next steps to be taken by the consortium members
  • Creating and implementing a communication plan to reach target audience groups
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