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Supporting market development activities for the European Satellite Navigation Programmes
Oct 2018 - Oct 2022

From construction sites to vineyards, from highways to narrow city streets, or from offshore surveying sites to the skies, satellite navigation signals provide precise positioning and accurate timing essential for users seeking to optimise or secure their operations. The double-digit growth rate of the overall market for satellite navigation over the past decade stands as proof of an extraordinary potential waiting to be harnessed for the benefit of economy, society, and the environment. Realising this potential is precisely what the role of the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) is about: overseeing market development activities around Galileo and EGNOS. These two European flagship programmes not only secure Europe’s independence in this crucial domain; they also offer a unique value proposition which could support new or more advanced applications.

Evenflow’s role

Our role is to support EUSPA with the design, implementation and assessment of market development activities. As part of past and ongoing framework contracts, we have been:

  • Leading the analysis of GNSS user requirements in professional markets, in particular agriculture and surveying, and supporting the organisation and moderation of community interactions within the User Consultation Platform  (UCP)
  • Conducting market and technology analyses in the domains of agriculture and geomatics and generating the relevant sections for EUSPA’s flagships publications (Market Report and User Technology Report)
  • Developing roadmaps and market entry strategies for both Galileo and EGNOS in the urban public transport domain; subsequently, engaging public authorities and transport operators to ensure the effective adoption of E-GNSS enabled applications
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