Satellite Navigation

Realtime positioning and timing signals provided by satellite navigation systems generate a stream of invaluable data. Their application is already ubiquitous in the general public’s everyday life (e.g. in-car navigation and mobile applications).

Photo by Ibrahim Boran on Pexels

Moreover, their input is crucial for increasing the efficacy of search and rescue services as well as for improving business processes in critical areas of the economy (e.g. power grid synchronization, electronic trading and mobile phone networks, effective road, sea and air traffic management).

Our team has a thorough understanding of Satellite Navigation applications in various market sectors as acquired through work with the European Commission, and involvement in projects and studies with the European GNSS Agency (GSA). Our most prominent expertise covers:

  • Analysis of GNSS downstream markets (e.g. transport, agriculture, geomatics, rail, etc.)
  • International GNSS cooperation
  • Development and uptake of GNSS applications
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