Supporting user uptake and awareness-raising within the Copernicus programme
30 July 2020
Copernicus logo reading the name of the program with "europe's eyes on earth" as the subtitle.

Evenflow has had the privilege of working for some of the main actors involved in the implementation of the European Commission’s Copernicus programme: entities entrusted with services or service components as well as the European Commission itself. Our services to these clients included strategic communication, user uptake strategies, brand development, and various other types of consultancy briefs. For reference, we further highlight some of the key activities Evenflow has carried out in support of user uptake of the Copernicus programme.

The In Situ Component

The Copernicus programme is not only about space, satellites, and services – locally-sourced data, maps, and models are essential ingredients for high-quality information products. Since 2016, Evenflow has been supporting the European Environment Agency’s coordination of the Copernicus In Situ component, having been tasked with ensuring that this message is understood by relevant stakeholders within the EU institutions and the Member States. Evenflow coordinates and executes awareness-raising activities including management of the website and regular publication of the Copernicus In Situ Newsletter.

The Copernicus In Situ website
The Copernicus In Situ website

Copernicus Service in Support to EU External Action

The Copernicus Service in Support to EU External Actions, part of the Copernicus Security Services, became operational in May 2017, and in early 2018, Evenflow (along with a small team of co-bidders) won a contract to provide user uptake support to the European Union Satellite Centre, the Entrusted Entity. Working closely with SatCen, we produced a range of communication materials and supported the organisation of several User Uptake workshops.

Downstream applications

One of the ways in which the Copernicus Entrusted Entities boost the uptake of their services is by supporting the development of “downstream” applications: value-added services built on top of the core information products supplied by the Copernicus Services.

Coastal water quality: Evenflow supported Planetek Italia in promoting a coastal water quality monitoring application running on data from the Copernicus Marine Service, under contract to Mercator Ocean.

The Rheticus Marine website
The Rheticus Marine website

Air quality for tourists and travellers: Evenflow teamed up with the National Observatory of Athens and the Academy of Athens to work up a tourist-focused application for the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) providing tailored recommendations based on climate and air quality. The service is built on information from the Copernicus Atmosphere Service.

The DiscovAir website
The DiscovAir website


Evenflow, as part of a consortium, provided strategic support to the European Commission in understanding the impact of the various user uptake activities.

Diagram of the Copernicus Ecosystem, a key tool for understanding user uptake © Evenflow
Diagram of the Copernicus Ecosystem © Evenflow

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