Unique and creative promotional concepts
30 July 2020

In line with our aspiration to communicate creatively, we have developed several unique promotional and marketing concepts linked to the brands we have developed for various products and services. Here are two examples which we are particularly proud of.

Promotional materials on display including EOMORES Secchi Mugs next to the Product and Service Portfolio at the final workshop of the project
EOMORES Secchi Mugs on display, next to the Product and Service Portfolio at the final workshop of the project (Photo by Evenflow)

The PARSEC Accelerator’s Origami Plane

The PARSEC Accelerator  helps to give a boost to companies and start-ups building Earth Observation services. In our branding for the accelerator, we used a triangular figure to conjure up the notion of high-speed movement, and the word “PARSEC” to further emphasise speed, whilst also introducing the connection to space.

Our origami plane brings all of these notions together in a highly innovative way. The concept is a flyer designed to be folded into a paper plane, with the brand messages “Faster Higher Stronger” and “Let your idea take flight” appearing on either side of the fuselage. The wings coming together creates the PARSEC logo, and basic information about the Accelerator can be revealed by unfolding the body. Instructions for creating the plane are provided on a part of the page which is hidden when folded.

PARSEC Origami plane (© Evenflow)

This promotional concept embeds a number of key notions:

  • Entrepreneurship and creativity: The recipient is free to design their own plane, which represents the entrepreneur’s proposal for a new service or product.
  • Business support and acceleration is embodied by the notion of an idea “taking flight”, just as the plane does

This idea turned out to be hugely popular at conferences where PARSEC was represented in 2019 – such as ESA’s Phi Week and the European Space Week. Visitors were encouraged to build their own planes and then compete to see which plane could fly furthest. As you can see in the video linked below, this generated a great deal of interest and excitement – and evidently raised the profile of the accelerator.  

Participants at Phi Week launching heir PARSEC origami planes (Video by Evenflow)
Visitors building planes-- the promotional materials, in the PARSEC zone during European Space Week 2019
Visitors building planes in the PARSEC zone during European Space Week 2019 (
Photo by Evenflow)

The EOMORES Secchi Mug

EOMORES was a Horizon 2020 project aimed at developing water monitoring services (using satellites, in situ data and modelling) and preparing them for the market. In traditional water quality monitoring, the Secchi disk is a physical disk which is lowered into the water to determine the “Secchi depth”, the depth at which the disk is no longer visible. This measurement of water transparency/turbidity is an important water quality parameter.

The design on a freshwater Secchi disk
The design on a freshwater Secchi disk

It was therefore irresistible to us to create a drinking mug which showed the turbidity of one’s drink (in principle, at least!) – and thus the EOMORES Secchi Mug was born. The mug has a small Secchi disk design on the inside, as well as the text #secchidepth printed on the outside bottom (which becomes visible when drinking your last drop of tea or coffee).

The EOMORES Secchi Mug (Photo by Evenflow)
The EOMORES Secchi Mug (Photo by Evenflow)

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