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Innovation fuelled by Earth Observation: accelerating new business for food, energy, and environment
May 2019 - Nov 2021

The PARSEC Accelerator is a business accelerator funded by the Horizon 2020 programme. It supports SMEs, start-ups and researchers in bringing Earth Observation-based innovations to the emerging food, energy, and environment sectors. The two-stage acceleration programme will distribute a total of €2.5 Million equity-free funding, develop a suite of business catalysts for transforming data into market-ready services, and provide access to other key resources (coaching, matchmaking, promotion). Running between May 2019 and November 2021, PARSEC fosters cross-sectoral and cross-border cluster-facilitated innovation, creating new value chains and opening new markets. As a result of the second and last stage of the accelerator, 15 new Earth Observation-based products and services have been launched into the market. Have a look at this article to discover how PARSEC leveraged EO to launch success-driving solutions across sectors.
Check out our Case Study post to find out more about this business accelerator.

Evenflow’s role

Leading the impact maximisation task, Evenflow is coordinating communication and dissemination activities whilst also contributing to open call management, event organisation and the sustainability plan. Our team is also leading the work on innovation and IPR management, providing insights into cross-sectoral market and technology trends, and contributing to the investment mapping and contact building efforts, training programme, matchmaking facility and export promotion. Last, but not least, we provide business support to the selected innovators.

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