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Coordinating the activities of the Copernicus Academy members to boost Copernicus User Uptake
Oct 2018 - Sep 2020

The Copernicus Academy network plays an essential role in fostering the skills and competences in the Earth Observation sector, and is driven by a clear need to promote EO across multidisciplinary activities to spark innovation in Europe and beyond. The Copernicus Academy Hub project (CopHub.AC) aims to support this by providing an accurate overview of the current state-of-play of EO-related research activities in Europe. The project seeks to coordinate the activities of the Copernicus Academy members and ultimately enable increased geospatial capacity within Europe. To this end, the project has established strong links with complementary initiatives such as the CordiNet project, e-shape , FIRE and OCRE. CopHub.AC promotes access to existing, mature commercial services (through the EARSC-led EOpages) and enables interactions with EO excellence drivers who can support in the integration of EO capacities.

Evenflow’s role

Our role includes leading the Research and Innovation capacities work package, supporting the sustainability of the Copernicus Academy network, and leading the health and sustainability of the Copernicus Academy ecosystem task. This includes:

  • Exploring ways of delivering scientific research results to different audiences to trigger innovation
  • Supporting the creation of a one-stop shop making competences available within the Copernicus Academy network searchable; a Knowledge Landscape
  • Supporting the development and implementation of the Copernicus Innovation Monitor, aiming to capture and render visually the growth and dynamics of the Copernicus ecosystem
  • Coordinating the activities related to the deployment of the European Innovation Scoreboard to provide insights on the yearly performance of the national innovation ecosystems and identify areas of improvement
  • Supporting the development of guidelines to monitor and analyse the Copernicus Academy network activities with a view to increasing user-uptake and driving spin-off creation. The knowledge landscape and the innovation monitor will be essential tools for achieving this task
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