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EuroGEO Showcases: Applications Powered by Europe
May 2019 - Apr 2023

e-shape is a flagship pan-European programme (15M€ budget, implemented by 55 partners) addressing key societal sectors and focusing on the development of operational Earth Observation-based applications with and for the users. In addition, e-shape strives to nurture a more coordinated European contribution to GEO. This is pursued through the execution of pilot activities across different application areas and the development of a wide range of capacity building and sustainability support tools.

Evenflow’s role

Having been heavily involved in the design and conceptualisation of the project, Evenflow contributes to its implementation in different ways:

  • Leading the work package dedicated to the provision of economic sustainability and upscaling support measures, Evenflow is developing a rich portfolio of tools that can help EO solution providers to better understand the markets, capture technological developments, and boost their innovation potential. These tools will be made available through the e-shape Sustainability Booster
  • Leading the execution of capacity building activities, including a robust methodology to assess the maturity of Earth Observation activities at national level as well as the production of a series of capacity building best practices for the benefit of providers and users alike
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