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Business Plan for a Solar Farm powering the new Aswan Heart Centre
May 2017 - Aug 2017

Concluding a Skype call with Sir Magdi Yacoub – the world renowned cardio surgeon, we knew that this was going to be one of the most pleasant and meaningful assignments of our working career. As part of its inspired vision, the Magdi Yacoub Foundation has overseen the establishment of the New Aswan Heart Centre – a centre of excellence to combat heart disease in Egypt. The extension of the hospital would ideally be completely “green”, that is powered only by renewable energy. To that end, Sir Magdi asked us to develop a business plan for the development of a solar farm in the adjacent area of the hospital. Teaming up with solar energy experts, we developed an advanced economic modelling tool that can run different investment scenarios – based on the exact location and associated solar radiation potential, the use of different technologies (PVs or CSPs), and the expected consumption.

Evenflow’s role

Our role was to develop different scenarios for the development of a solar farm powering the New Aswan Heart Centre. This involved:

  • Working closely together with Solea to assess the solar energy potential of the site
  • Constructing a robust, scalable, and flexible economic modelling tool that allowed us to run different scenarios and project the return on investment
  • Developing a fully-fledged business plan for the solar farm based on modelling outputs
  • Following up with additional stakeholders in Egypt and beyond to streamline the use of the produced tools in other investments
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