Monitoring markets and generating insights in multiple sectors
4 August 2020
Computer screen showing market monitoring in progress.
Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

Having monitored and analysed various market segments over the years, we have developed techniques and tools that allow us to recognise, understand, extract, and present key trends. Moreover, through our established monitoring mechanism, our team aims to pick up on subtle market indicators early on so as to anticipate where the market is headed, how it will react to change and what the gaps might be. Our markets of interest are those using high-tech solutions, such as precision agriculture, renewable energy, maritime, urban development and many others.

Monitoring Markets

We continually scan markets using both automated and manual techniques to capture intelligence on technological advancements, policy developments and exciting opportunities. The acquired knowledge is transformed into streamlined insights or customised information services, providing our customers with valuable knowledge on their market of choice. New entries, established players as well as anyone interested in learning more about specific sectors can derive value in such services.


Within PARSEC, we have developed a Market Trends Observatory which provides insights to start-ups hoping to impact the food, energy and environment sectors with new Earth Observation (EO) innovations. Similarly, within e-shape, we are providing stakeholders in the European Earth Observation ecosystem with market insights on agriculture, water, health and other sectors.

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