IP and Innovation advice for solution developers
4 August 2020
IP symbol on fabric

The key to the commercialisation of innovative solutions and R&D results lies in the identification of tangible and intangible assets and the development of strategies towards their optimal exploitation.

IP & Innovation at Evenflow

Evenflow has led relevant activities in multiple projects, providing expert advice on IP, innovation and commercialisation to researchers, start-ups, SMEs and even large companies.

Building on this expertise, we are now in the process of expanding and streamlining our support services through e-shape and the novel IP and Innovation Office. This web-based resource, developed to primarily assist the e-shape pilots, will enable the EO community at large to access IP and innovation support (tailored or already existing information) through on-demand, online services.

Our team of EO, Innovation and IP experts is working closely with the community to ensure that this tool will bring real added value, so keep an eye on our communication channels!

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