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Transforming the Defence Landscape through Imagery Intelligence
Jan 2023 - Dec 2024

The European Defence Fund (EDF) is the financing authority for the innovative project IntSen2 regarding Imagery Intelligence (IMINT). This initiative consists of building an imagery intelligence through Artificial Intelligence that is automatic or proactive, rather than reactive, and that is gathered by European satellites. The main aim of the project is to support EU operational autonomy and anticipate potential threats and opportunities within the sector so as to improve situational awareness and decision-making.

This automatic IMINT service will provide the security and defence communities with convenient tools. It will also be used as an input for other sources of intelligence which will be further developed. The project is characterised by its long-term perspective of strengthening the EU industry’s role in creating defence technologies.

IntSen2 is being carried out by expert companies that focus on Business and EO practices, which are complemented with highly skilled companies such as Evenflow, partnered with Zabala.

Evenflow’s role

Within IntSen2, Evenflow is leading the workpackage on Exploitation and Dissemination, which aims to encourage the spread of the project’s results through interactions with key stakeholders. Evenflow will capture the Key Exploitable Results (KERs) of the project and will use these to define a sustainable business model for bringing the services to the European defence market. This includes a thorough impact analysis of how the outputs of IntSen2 can benefit the defence landscape, with a particular focus on European operational independence.

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