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Enhancing food traceability from space using EO and blockchain technologies
May 2021 - Present

Distributed ledger technology (DLT) holds huge potential for the space sector. One of the most exciting and emerging application markets for DLT is in supply chain management. eOrigins is an ESA funded project which aims to understand and demonstrate how to build on DLT, or similar traceability and verification technology, to open new opportunities for Earth Observation data or services in agricultural commodity supply chains.

eOrigins will design operational service concepts that can combine EO and other space data with blockchain (or similar) platforms to enable enhanced supply chain management techniques. In doing so, eOrigins aims to advance the tracking and tracing of agricultural commodities from source to consumer. The convergence of DLT and EO enables robust and superior assurance of the safety and quality of produce, sustainability credentials (e.g. deforestation and slavery-free commodities, fair trade, organic foods, carbon offsets) and tracing of social impacts, all registered through a platform on the blockchain.

Evenflow’s role

The project is led by Satelligence with Evenflow leading the service impact assessment and analysis of key success factors activity, along with the production of all communication and promotional materials and the elaboration of a final report. This report will present a comprehensive recap and analysis of the project’s aims, its approach, the technical achievements beyond the state-of-the-art, implementation guidelines, user experience/feedback and a complete roadmap to be used to guide and support further innovation in the convergence EO and DLT.

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