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Translating Earth Observation powered innovations in agriculture into impactful policy- briefs
Jan 2022 - Dec 2026

CrackSense will address the fruit cracking challenge in Europe, focusing on real-time monitoring and forecasting by utilising and upscaling sensing and digital data technologies. Since fruit cracking is a peel disorder, limiting fruit quality and yield, the ambition of the project is to monitor agri-environmental conditions because these conditions have a great influence on agricultural production.

Given the strong influence that policy and regulation can play in how we produce food and maintain yield security, Evenflow’s role within the project will be leading the production of Policy Briefs which will clearly present key findings and recommendations of the project to decision makers at both EU and Member State levels. These briefs will aim to facilitate the making of informed and impactful policy decisions, with a view to increasing food supply resilience and operational efficiency. Please see our press release here and don’t forget to subscribe to CrackSense’s newsletter to stay updated.

Evenflow’s role

With a background in strategic guidance, Evenflow will synthesise the results of the project into actionable policy recommendations for key decision makers at both national and European level.

Within Cracksense we will build upon our existing knowledge across the following dimensions:

  • Supporting the creation of innovative governance models for better-informed governing, thus inducing societal engagement
  • Strengthening science-policy interfaces in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Conveying the project activities’ key points for future policy developments
  • Supporting the dissemination of best practices among professional communities
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