What I learned at EU Space Week 2022 (beyond the EU Space sector)
14 October 2022


This post is not about the content of the EU Space Week itself. For that, you can check out the great posts related to my Evenflow colleagues’ contributions here, here, here, here and here. 

Instead, this is a light-hearted take on the people and experiences from my team’s joint mission to Prague, coming from the point of view of a communication professional still rather new to the industry.

Tim, Asaf and Ruuta at the EU Space Week 2022
Tim, Asaf and Ruuta at the EU Space Week 2022

EU Space Week 2022

The EU Space Week allowed me to spend some quality time with both my colleagues and our clients, learning about them and our sector, in a whole new way. It also gave me the joy of discovering Prague and its gems.

The first thing I noticed is how passionate space sector people are about what they do. It is an unusual privilege to live up to the idealistic slogan: “Do what you love, love what you do’’. But many of our colleagues do feel this way, and it shows in their excitement in presenting their work and planning for new collaborations.

It was great to see the EUSPA team keeping their smiles throughout this intensive week. Whether up on the main stage or back in the event control room, our hosts worked hard to make sure the event ran smoothly – no mean feat, and by and large achieved!

I also learned some valuable lessons from my team:

  • Smart tips on sharp company representation, from my director Lef.
  • From my director Dimitri, the art of creating your own party whilst crashing another “secret” one. (video)
  • Inspiration by Ruuta, on discipline and good energy after some evening drinks: taking us for a hill climb on the way back to the hotel and then going out for an early jogging session (look out for her and the Evenflow running team at Brussels Ekiden next weekend!).
Dimitri and Ruuta on a morning run
  • Great insights on travelling and finding local food, from my colleague, Tim.

A nice extra was dining and sharing mutual passions with our friends and making new connections through interesting chats.

Finally, I learnt how addictive the Prague speciality of chimney cake ice cream can be 😉 

And the cherry on the cake: ending this week with a drink in the office, enjoying some XXL Czech beer we got at the airport.

Thank you all for making this week such a meaningful and joyful experience!
Discover more about my colleagues in our fast-growing team and see you at the next conference! 🙂

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