Scalewise: A suite of services by Evenflow to help launch space businesses on solid ground.
27 June 2023

Today we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website detailing the suite of services that we hope will help space innovators throughout their commercialisation journey. 

We have been honing these services since the very beginning of Evenflow back in 2015. Over these 8 years and a long series of contracts, projects and B2B assignments we have had the chance to support early stage start-ups, SMEs, large satellite data providers, investors, industry associations and governmental institutions, in their efforts to understand the space market and launch commercially viable solutions that effectively meet user needs. 

In this process, we have learned that scaling your business in the space sector requires wisdom; and wisdom is acquired through years of collecting knowledge, honing the necessary skills and systematically improving your proposition with every iteration. Having an open mind and a healthy collaborative spirit are also great assets in this endeavour!

Image Credit: “Drawing by David Somerville and is based upon a version done by Hugh McLeod.”

Today we are confident that we offer space innovators a unique value proposition, so they can focus on what they do best: develop innovative, technically challenging solutions. 

> We offer a comprehensive set of commercialisation support services for each step of the development cycle. From the development of a business plan to the design of smart market entry strategies and from the 360-degree company analysis and valuation to the collection and analysis of market intelligence, we stand ready to support just what space innovators need. 

> Our methodologies have been developed for the space sector, tested in the space sector, with space actors across the full value chain. We have been designing and iteratively improving cutting-edge methodologies together with the technical teams behind space solutions but also together with their users.

> We have a solid understanding of the fine details of a single solution but also of the broader strategic picture. Having worked hand-in-hand with solution developers (e.g. the 37 EO-based solutions we supported through the Sustainability Booster of H2020 e-shape), whilst also performing strategic studies for the EU institutions managing the space programmes gives us a rich perspective of the specific challenges faced by individual innovators but also the market as a whole. 

So, today we welcome you to explore and to reach out  to see how we can support you in your efforts to launch your space business on solid ground. And make sure to check out this website frequently as we plan to have several updates and enrichments of our offering over the next months and years.  

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