Getting to know Evenflow
22 December 2022

My journey with Evenflow started on the 1st of November. Starting a new job is usually nerve-wracking, let alone at this crazy time of year – but the approaching holiday season gave me the chance to get to know my new colleagues.  

I started my first day at Evenflow wondering if I’d need to Google ‘’things to do on your first day at work’’ or to prepare an elevator pitch about my past work experience and future aspirations. Thankfully, all I needed was to pack my best smile and get onboard. In return, I received* a copy of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s ”The Flow”, around which the philosophy of our team is built. Oh, and a sleek black t-shirt with the Evenflow logo.   

Getting to know the people you work with is fundamental. Understanding one’s strengths and passions improves communication and helps to grow a successful and motivated team. Although November passed in something of a blur, December brought a few opportunities to get to know each other. Despite our fully-loaded work days, we carved out some time to put Earth Observation aside for a bit, and ‘’observe” each other instead (pun intended 😊).  

Evenflow Holiday Festivities

With two years of social distancing firmly in the past**, the first week of December found us mingling with our Brussels partners and friends, in a relaxed and festive setting at our Arts-Loi offices together with EARSC.  

Team Evenflow at dinner

Before heading home for Christmas, we booked half a day for ourselves to reflect on the past year and unwind. Our pre-Christmas team building day started with a rigorous pub quiz session, meticulously prepared by Quiz Master Dáire (pronounced Dara like Zara) Boyle. 

The winning team (Lauriane and Georgeta) claimed their chocolate medals (narrowly – but decisively – beating their directors to the finish line!). I had forgotten how much I love pub quizzes and board games, as well as cheering for my teammates. 

In the evening, we enjoyed a scrumptious Mediterranean meal in downtown Christmassy Brussels (thanks to Tim for the recommendation!). We braved -6-degree temperatures in search of post-dinner drinks and table space for 8 (surprisingly difficult for a Tuesday!). We ended our journey at Dolle Mol, which provided cider, tea and even a chessboard for our diverse needs! 

Happy holidays everyone and keep up the flow!  

* Well, it’s in the mail! 😊 

** Although we believe that the long-term effects require plenty more “group therapy”! 

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